Congregation Kol Ami (CKA) is a Reform congregation of about 110 families located in Woodinville, Washington. We have been sharing facilities with Bear Creek United Methodist Church (BCUMC) since 1999. Led by Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg, Kol Ami is a small, embracing, and dynamic community in which the Jewish ideals of worship, study, and social action are fostered. The Kol Ami family creates an atmosphere of openness and friendship, in which everyone is welcome, despite diverse backgrounds and opinions. Congregants have joined to discover, rediscover, or simply affirm their Judaism, and to plant or transplant Jewish roots. Interfaith families and Jews-by-choice find Congregation Kol Ami a welcoming and nurturing environment. 

Our Core Values:

  • A cohesive and supportive congregation, embracing interfaith families, young and old, and all Jews regardless of the origin of their Jewishness.
  • Promotion of a positive Jewish identity through worship and lifelong learning.
  • Worshiping in a traditional manner, but with openness to change in a changing world.
  • A strong commitment to social justice and community involvement.


In the beginning, it was a primarily financial arrangement; Kol Ami was a fledgling community without strong capital resources, while BCUMC held a great debt for its new building.

Over the years the friendship and spiritual partnership between Church and Temple has deepened, such that while BCUMC may no longer require the financial contribution that CKA makes, members of both congregations interact cooperatively, and very happily coexist.

This relationship provides CKA with the many benefits of a large congregation without the expense. Examples include an entire wing of classrooms and a playground for our excellent Religious School, a beautiful 6,000 square foot sanctuary that includes a very sophisticated sound system, and floor-to-ceiling windows that allow chanting of Torah while gazing at 150 foot fir trees.

Sound system speakers and a large window in the attached cry-room allow parents with even very fussy young children to enjoy services without disturbing personal meditations.

We enjoy the use of a commercial-grade kitchen in which to create traditional Jewish delicacies, and a large narthex, or social hall where those delicacies may be consumed.